Flip-Flop of the Week

June 28, 2006

Here is this week’s flip-flop of the week compliments of the GOP:

Flip-Flop of the Week Volume 1, Issue 33
Hatch Campaigns As A Crime Fighter; Later Mocks Opponents For Emphasizing Crime

1994: Hatch Proudly Touted His Crime Position Paper – Said He Was The Only Candidate To Publish A Position Paper On Crime.Hatch is the only candidate for governor to publish a brochure on crime (attachment 6), and has attacked Carlson for his failure to provide leadership on the issue (attachment 7).” (“Mike Hatch For Governor: Briefing Materials for State Delegates,” 1994)1998: Hatch Downplayed Crime During Campaign. “Hatch and Lillehaug are running in the DFL primary election against state Sen. Ember Reichgott Junge, the party’s endorsed candidate. The Republican endorsee, Rep. Charlie Weaver, has no announced opposition in the primary. Most of the candidates have made fighting crime the major theme of their campaigns, but Hatch has downplayed that issue, noting that the attorney general has little direct jurisdiction over crime. Instead, he has concentrated on complex consumer issues.” (Chris Ison and Conrad deFiebre, “DFLers Take Two Tacks In AG Race; Lillehaug Lambasts Koch; Hatch Tackles Health Care,” Star Tribune,, June 25, 1998)


Hutchinson Endorsed

June 25, 2006

Peter Hutchinson accepted the IP's endorsement yesterday easily knocking off Pam Ellison, who will challenge him in the party's September primary.  I would honestly like to see Ellison win the primary because she would fun to run against.  The woman is certifiably nuts from what I witnessed. 

The convention was interesting to say the least.  The crowd is clearly assembled of disillusioned Democrats.  They attacked the Iraq war, the health-impact fee and Michele Bachmann!  That's right, John Binkowski who is running for Congress in the 6th District made mention of Patty Wetterling, and he got crickets.  He then made mention of Michele Bachmann and the crowd went crazy with boos and hollers. 

Back to Hutchinson though.  my favorite quote is from this Star Tribune article:

Predicting that he will spend about $2.5 million on a creative campaign to offer an alternative to the "duopoly" and the "blood feud"betweeen Republicans and DFLers in state government, consultant Peter Hutchinson accepted the Independence Party's gubernatorial endorsement Saturday.

"Blood Feud?"  Based on what I saw yesterday the IP is desperately wanting to be a part of that "Blood Feud" with the attacks and accusations they were making!!

One thing is for sure though; we need to think about having our conventions outside!!  Before the rain came it was great sitting in the hot sun.  Not to mention that while they were doing the boring convention business I sat back and watched the Saints do batting practice.

It’s Confirmed

June 25, 2006

Hatch has chosen Judi Dutcher as his running mate.  Anyone who has been even remotely following the DFL race for governor should not be surprised by this choice.  It has been the worst kept secret in politics as of late.  I confirmed this almost two weeks ago from a very reliable source.

Here is the message from Hatch's campaign site:

We now have a convention behind us, and I am pleased that Judi Dutcher has joined our ticket.

Our last poll was taken before the Republican convention, and we were ahead of the Governor by a narrow margin, with 13 percent of voters undecided. Undecided voters indicate that they want a new Governor, but need to know more about me. I believe that the Governor's gaffe at the Republican convention, combined with our endorsement at the Democratic convention and the addition of Judi, puts us in a very good position for the general election.

I promised to recruit a lieutenant governor who would make an excellent governor, and with Judi Dutcher, I accomplished this task. Judi is a big plus for the campaign. She won two statewide elections as Auditor and earned kudos from local government and state officials for her energy, wit, and courage. She was one of the first public officials to challenge the extreme elements that have taken control of the Republican Party, and she eventually had to leave the party to join the Democrats. She was warmly embraced by the Democrats and was supported by a broad and deep network of people in her 2002 gubernatorial bid. Over the past four years, she has served as Chief Executive Officer of the Minnesota Community Foundation, a large philanthropic institution that serves Greater Minnesota. As CEO, Judi witnessed the impact of the Governor's budget cuts to rural communities. For instance, her foundation purchased a fire truck for Fairmont because the Governor's cuts gutted the city's public safety budget. In other communities, the foundation helped with infrastructure items as basic as sidewalks because of the Pawlenty cuts.

We balance the ticket quite well. I am from Greater Minnesota, and Judi is from the metropolitan area. We both received the benefits of a strong Minnesota educational system, and we will fulfill the role of every administration, except the current one, in acting as a guardian for the next generation.

Judi will play a strong role in the Administration. I have dedicated my public life over the last 20 years to exposing the health care mess, and Judi's leadership will allow me to focus even more energy on this issue.

I take great pride that I can recruit the best and the brightest in government service. I believe Judi's participation continues this tradition of excellence.

This campaign will decide the long-term direction of this state. We need money to win. The Governor and his party are well-financed, and they already have demonstrated a willingness to be negative. Your help has gotten us over the endorsement hurdle, and we now lead in the polls. If we raise the money we need, we will win this election. There has never been a more important time to contribute . Whether its $100, $50, or whatever you can afford, please make your contribution on-line today. Your financial commitment to this campaign is greatly appreciated and will be prudently used.

I thank you for your help!

This should be fun, Hatch is trying to soften up his image, but most Minnesotans recognize that he is an angry liberal!!!!

Governor Responds to Strib Ad

June 22, 2006

You may have seen or heard of the full page ad that was taken out in today's Star Tribune by some of Minnesota's privileged.  They state that they have the capacity to pay more for Minnesota's services and should be taxed higher as such.

Leave it to the Governor to respond and make a complete mockery of it!!

Every time I have seen one of those "Happy to pay for a better Minnesota" yard signs I want to walk up to the front door and ask the people if they took all of the deductions they were allowed or if they left some for the state or the country.  I am assuming the answer is they did take all deductions.  This is a total ploy for them to bring their partisan Liberal agenda to the forefront, which equals more spending for education without accountability, welfare increases, and government run health-care to name a few!!!

Here is the press release from the Governor's office:

Saint PaulThe following is a statement from Governor Tim Pawlenty regarding the full-page ad in today's Star Tribune from the "Growth & Justice" think tank calling for a $2 billion per year tax increase.

"After decades of struggle, we are proud to have moved Minnesota out of the top ten in taxes.  We now have budget surpluses and double digit revenue growth to the state.  We are not undertaxed and will be able to fund our key priorities like education without raising taxes.

"Having read the names of those who signed the full-page ad in today's Star Tribune , I want to issue them a friendly challenge.  I invite the people on the list to send in a voluntary contribution to the state, above and beyond the taxes they already pay, of $250,000 to $2 million each. 

"Since their contributions will be public information under our Data Practices Act, we will look into listing the names of these generous Minnesotans on a state website.  I will also personally pose with each of them for a commemorative photo in the Governor's Reception Room accepting their contribution and issue them a certificate of appreciation.  I look forward to the state receiving checks from each of these 203 individuals."


Under Minnesota Statutes 16A.013 and 16A.014, the Department of Finance is authorized to accept contributions of this type.  Checks should be made payable to "State of Minnesota" and sent to:

                                                Minnesota Department of Finance

                                                400 Centennial Office Building

                                                658 Cedar Street

                                                St. Paul , MN 55155

This is a great move!!

Hatch and Human Trafficking?

June 22, 2006

“I have a friend who imports nurses from Nigeria and the Philippines and gets $30,000 a head." 

I am sure you are thinking exactly what I was when I first saw this story.  Actually I sat staring at the computer screen in complete disbelief!!

Thanks to MDE for locating this story.  I thought that Hatch's worst statement was possibly that he admired illegal immigrants, but now this!!!  This may be easier if he keeps flying off the rocker like this each week!!!

Keep it up Mike…

Hatch to Announce Running Mate

June 22, 2006

Word is that Hatch will announce his choice for running mate this Sunday at his home in Burnsville.  I have every reason to believe it is Judi Dutcher, and I will be extremely amazed if he names anyone else.

Flashback: Remember that I received a very credible tip saying his choice for a running mate was definitely Judi Dutcher. 

Update: Hatch Admires Illegal Immigrants

June 21, 2006

MDE has found more information on Hatch's speech to a group of police officers where he told the group that he admires illegal immigrants.  Even worse, he said if he was in their position he would do the same thing.

Hatch needs to answer two simple questions.  As the state's top law enforcement officer does he welcome illegal activity?  What would his actions be as governor over this issue, would he offer amnesty to illegal immigrants in our state?

I have a hunch we will not see him address this issue at all!!

We will not see Hutchinson address this issue either because he has added it to his list of 5 G's he does not want to talk about.  Guns, Gays, God, Gynecology, Gambling.  He now has Green Cards and Stadiums for Gladiators.